Guided Group Learning

Kol Emeth's Silicon Valley Beit Midrash is currently on hiatus. Please visit the Kol Emeth website to learn more about our online events and classes.

    Explore different styles of Jewish learning in a group (chaburah):

    Introduction to Jewish Meditation
    Led by Rabbi Daniel Silverstein, Director of Jewish Life & Learning at Stanford Hillel
    Come and learn some of the theory and practice of our ancient but relatively little-known Jewish mindfulness tradition. We will explore ancient, medieval and contemporary texts, experiment with their practical techniques and discuss how we can bring their wisdom into our everyday lives. This group will switch off every other week with the Midrash Madness group.

    Midrash Madness
    Led by Shani Gross, Director of the Silicon Valley Beit Midrash
    We will examine the weekly Torah portion (parshah) through the lens of the Midrash: What exactly is Midrash, and what function does it serve? How do the writers of the Midrash respond to and expand on the different narratives in the weekly Torah portion, what compels them to do so, and how can it inform and shape our understanding of the original text? We will explore all of these questions (and many more!) in this group. This group will switch off every other week with the Jewish Meditation group.

    Talmud Chaburah
    We will be working through the classic legal sections of the Talmud using a combination of creativity and analysis employed in traditional Yeshiva study. The goal of this group is to gain familiarity with the mechanics of Talmud that can be applied to any piece of Rabbinic literature. Knowledge of Hebrew or previous Talmud study will be beneficial.

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